MUST HAVE TIG Welding Accessories (Amazon) *UPDATED 2018

With the help of a few welding friends, I have compiled a list of the must-have accessories to do with TIG welding. Some you may already have but definitely have a read as you may see something that you never thought you would think of but may need.

HITBOX 200 amp Portable TIG Welder

There’s no harm in being a beginner as in the end everyone needs to start somewhere and getting chucked in the deep end with a £1500 welder and with Zero experience can prove very costly and pointless at the same time.

This machine covers you with all the parts that you need a good “plug’n’play” machine is you so will.

Langley Tig Welders Glove – Grey Goatskin

Now everyone needs to some have some sort of protection on their hands as you do not want to get burnt by doing this…I can promise you. You will hear a lot that having thick gloves when welding can make your weld become a little worse for wear now. Now with these, they have a lightweight hand section where the skin is pretty thin so you can have a lot of movement when doing the work making them a great buy for any welder.Buy Here

GYS Welding Chipping Hammer/Professional and Forged Steel

Now having a chipping hammer is one of those tools that really any welder should have and keeping this in mind this great bargain is under 15 pounds even for an experienced welder having this as a spare is totally worth it.Buy Here

Dirty Pro Tools Black Welding Cart

A welding cart is a very useful tool if you are either in a busy workshop or you having to weld in different places on a object. Trust us when we say this getting a welding cart will save multiple headaches and with this being under 40 pounds can you complain.Buy Here

Tacklife PAH04D Auto-darkening Welders Helmet

Most importantly the helmet we cannot forget this one! The Tacklife welders helmet is the best mid-range helmet out there you can seriously cheap out on these things but if you ask me having a comfortable helmet that does the job just as good is worth paying the extra, Its gonna be on your head for a long time in the day anyway.

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