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Classic Car restoration essex vintage retro

Finally, there is a new company that does this sector of business right, Vintage Builds is one of the newest formed companies in Essex and there coming with a bang. Vintage Builds started off as an idea between Classic Car Enthusiasts and now the company has formed with over 30 years experience is custom modifications and classic car restorations there is nothing that can stop them.

Vintage Builds aims to take the classic car industry by storm with new procedures and build plans so every customer knows whats happening with their build and what we have left on it. Essex, on the whole, has had an industry boom in start-up companies so they thought this would be the best time to get the company formed why not?!

They now offer a few different services which put them apart from the rest, Vintage Builds wants to also take the catering Industry with a newfound rise in the amount of Vintage Catering Vehicles Vintage Builds wants to be the only Custom Catering trailer shop in Essex. All the expertise we have in classic cars and put this into making the best quality catering trucks.

Classic Car Restoration Essex
Cortina Classic Car Restoration

We aim to put a smile on everyone’s face when a car leaves the workshop and so with that in mind we want to take every single car with pride and make it as good as when you first drove it. Our Classic Car Restoration service in Essex will hopefully be the most popular in the area so stay tuned.

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